Games Could Help Google's 3D-Sensing Tango Tablet Become a Reality

Google's Project Tango lets pocket-sized computers see the world in 3D, which could lead to amazing things. Augmented reality shopping. Indoor navigation. Drones that don't crash into foreign objects. But Google project lead Johnny Lee admits that Tango hasn't seen much interest from phonemakers yet. What might… »3/17/15 7:00pm3/17/15 7:00pm


SLAM Helmet Maps Room to Help Rescuers Navigate Through Smoke

Researchers are using a technique called simultaneous location and mapping (SLAM) to develop helmets that rescue workers can use to navigate through heavy smoke. The helmet features an infrared laser scanner and software that bounces signals off walls and uses that data to create a map of the surrounding area. The… »10/10/08 5:50pm10/10/08 5:50pm

Slam - Microsoft's Mobile Social Networking For Smartphones

Designed by Microsoft's Photo and Imaging Experience team (PIX), Slam is an app that lets you "social network" on the go. Built for Windows Mobile, the concept of "slam" is a group of people that you exchange messages and photos with. Whenever there's a new message or photo for the group, the phone users will get a… »10/12/06 6:40pm10/12/06 6:40pm