Video: Getting slapped with a hand of fire in slow motion is spectacular

There are a lot of cool things you can see in slow motion but few might be as satisfying as watching a hand on fire slapping a guy in the face. The face gets smushed in all kinds of ways with spit flying everywhere while the flames dance around all over the guy’s face and stays there a frighteningly few seconds too… »5/05/15 8:20pm5/05/15 8:20pm


Slapping Your Brother Across the Face with an iPad Looks Like a Lot of Fun

I don't think annoying your brother with a few foot jabs warrants getting slapped across the face with an iPad but hey, boys will be boys. Maybe brother was trying to set a new high score! Or maybe he was Facetiming a cute girl! Who knows! All I know now is that the iPad makes for an awesome slapping device. [YouTube] »1/03/12 11:00pm1/03/12 11:00pm

All Hell Breaks Loose After Slap Fight on a United Flight

It all started when a passenger on a Ghana-bound United flight out of D.C.'s Dulles Airport decided to recline his seat. That pissed off the passenger behind him, leading to an exchange of heated words between the men, and the recliner being "smacked in the head." That's right: the very act you've fantasized about… »6/01/11 8:20am6/01/11 8:20am