Griffin's iPod Nano Slap Bracelet Has the Early '90s Totally Confused

What's that, 2010? I mean, no, I'm not at all surprised that the slap bracelet is still around, but you say that there's a miniature computer attached to the thing? That's nuts! Does it run CompuServe? » 11/16/10 12:20pm 11/16/10 12:20pm

E-Paper Slap Bracelets: Like the 80's...Except Different

If you had a slap bracelet back in the day (and I am ashamed to admit that I did), you will surely enjoy this concept device from the Chocolate Agency. Imagine a full-fledged multimedia device that can be slapped on and worn like a wristband. It would feature an e-paper surface and a battery that can be recharged… » 1/23/08 7:30pm 1/23/08 7:30pm