Porsche Kinderbob, for Only the Most Chic Kids

It's not hard to find items with the Porsche logo on them lately—heck, we're thinking that soon you'll even be able to find Porsche dildos. If you'd like to have just one thing with a Porsche logo on it in your household, this little bobsled for your kids might just qualify. It costs $115, and that's a whole lot less… » 11/30/07 3:45pm 11/30/07 3:45pm

Alu Sled Shock-Absorbs Your Butt on Bumpy Downhill Slopes

In the world of snow fun, there are sleds, there are tea-trays and there are even plastic bin bags (if you are a suicidal sledger, as I was in my teenage years). And then there is this, the Alu sled. Built from aluminum, the shock-absorbent silver slider has plastic runners, a handbrake, and packs up into a sexy… » 11/27/07 7:45am 11/27/07 7:45am