The First Sled With a (Much Needed) Shock Absorber

When you've got a foot of freshly fallen snow to absorb any impact, there's no sledding stunt that seems too dangerous. It's only when you're careening down a hill towards a jump that the gravity of the situation hits you, and that's when you realize a sled with a built-in shock absorbing spring like the Yooner is a… » 11/07/13 5:00pm 11/07/13 5:00pm

Murphy's Law and the Rocket Sleds That Love It

Exactly what part of "rocket sled" sounds like a good idea to you? I'll give you a hint: none of it. Separately sure, rockets and sleds can be slightly hazardous. But slap them together and you've got yourself a fuel-injected suicide machine. Just look at the carnage wrought this collection assembled by our friends at… » 9/14/12 4:40pm 9/14/12 4:40pm

X-WIng Sled is Porkins' Transport of Choice in Tahoe

We've had X-Wing Fighters that go up and down; here's an X-Wing that just goes down. The venue was Minneapolis' Powderhorn Park, and the event was Minneapolis' annual Art Sled rally. Photographer Tony Nelson took pictures of the day, including a rather spanky la-la double robot one, which you can see below, alongside… » 2/20/08 9:16am 2/20/08 9:16am

Alu Sled Shock-Absorbs Your Butt on Bumpy Downhill Slopes

In the world of snow fun, there are sleds, there are tea-trays and there are even plastic bin bags (if you are a suicidal sledger, as I was in my teenage years). And then there is this, the Alu sled. Built from aluminum, the shock-absorbent silver slider has plastic runners, a handbrake, and packs up into a sexy… » 11/27/07 7:45am 11/27/07 7:45am