Reinforced Runners Ensure This Inflatable Sled Can Survive Icy Terrain

The same inflatable tube you use to lazily drift on the lake in the summertime works just as well on a snow-covered hill in the winter—until you hit a patch of rough icy terrain. Then the odds of it getting punctured are all but guaranteed. So the makers of the Airboard, a more purpose-built inflatable sled, have… »2/09/15 5:00pm2/09/15 5:00pm


Specially-Developed Plastic Runners Let This Sled Slide On Sand

It might not provide the same technical challenge as skiing or snowboarding, but it's hard to argue that sledding isn't one of the best ways to take advantage of the winter. But what about those other snow-free seasons? Wouldn't it be fun to sled all year round? Of course it would, so Germany's KHW has developed the… »1/30/15 11:49am1/30/15 11:49am

The First Sled With a (Much Needed) Shock Absorber

When you've got a foot of freshly fallen snow to absorb any impact, there's no sledding stunt that seems too dangerous. It's only when you're careening down a hill towards a jump that the gravity of the situation hits you, and that's when you realize a sled with a built-in shock absorbing spring like the Yooner is a… »11/07/13 5:00pm11/07/13 5:00pm

Murphy's Law and the Rocket Sleds That Love It

Exactly what part of "rocket sled" sounds like a good idea to you? I'll give you a hint: none of it. Separately sure, rockets and sleds can be slightly hazardous. But slap them together and you've got yourself a fuel-injected suicide machine. Just look at the carnage wrought this collection assembled by our friends at… »9/14/12 4:40pm9/14/12 4:40pm