Zeroshock Widescreen Notebook Sleeve - 100 Percent Potential

The Zeroshock is a notebook sleeve made of high resistance polyurethane foam to protect from the occasional notebook dive. The manufacturer claims this type of polyurethane to be more pressure resistant than your normal, garden variety polyurethane, which allows it to absorb 100G of pressure more than a standard… » 8/13/06 11:17am 8/13/06 11:17am

DIY MacBook Pro Sleeve Case

Sure, those convenient MacBook sleeves are getting pretty cheap, but then you would be like every other trendy Starbucks sipping, MacBook owner. This is the only true way to make your laptop stand out, and it is by creating a DIY trapper keeper carrying case. Everyone remembers the trapper keeper. It was so cool and… » 7/28/06 12:44pm 7/28/06 12:44pm