SlickrFrame Photo Contest: We Have Winners!

After a heated round of balloting yesterday, we have a winner in Richard Felix's SlickrFrame contest. The grand prize-winning photograph is "Stairwell" (that's it at the top of this post) by apleshampo4life, garnering 18.1% of the votes (163 votes) in yesterday's poll. The grand prize is a Microsoft Zune and a lot… » 4/18/07 11:15am 4/18/07 11:15am

SlickrFrame Photo Contest: Time to Cast Your Ballot!

The 20 finalists have been chosen for Richard Felix's SlickrFrame contest, and now it's time for you to vote for the best. Just click the little button at the top left of your favorite, and then click on Vote at the bottom of the list of pictures, and the top vote-getters will win tons of great prizes, including a… » 4/17/07 11:30am 4/17/07 11:30am

Tag a Pic, Win a Zune or Slingbox! Less Than Two Days Left

You're doing a great job of posting hilarious, poignant, provocative or just plain dumb pictures to Richard Felix's SlickrFrame, an Internet-connected digital picture frame that displays any picture on the Flickr photo-sharing site tagged with the word "slickrframe." Richard's getting lots of spectacular shots in our… » 4/10/07 12:10pm 4/10/07 12:10pm