Incredible Before-and-After Photos Match Up Old and New NYC

New York documentarian Paul Sahner's blog NYC Grid is a lovely project, and amongst the coolest recurring features on the site is Before & After, which compares archival images of New York monuments with photos of the same spot today. Above, we see the entrance to the Manhattan Bridge as it was in 1915, compared with… » 8/19/13 11:50am 8/19/13 11:50am

Asus Eee Pad Slider Lightning Review: Fat Tablet for Clickity-Clackers

The Asus Eee Pad Transformer with its detachable keyboard dock has been one of the best-selling Android tablets yet. The Eee Pad Slider's keyboard is permanently attached, so you can type wherever you go. Better, right?! Maaaaaaybe. » 11/11/11 9:20pm 11/11/11 9:20pm

More Leaked Shots of Motorola's Square Android Slider For AT&T,…

That weird little Android 2.1-running, Motoblur-skinned slider that popped up in April? It's showing its square self off again in a few more leaked shots, this time with a possible codename and a likely carrier: Motorola Chindi and AT&T. » 8/17/10 3:26pm 8/17/10 3:26pm

BlackBerry Slider Phone's Rumored Launch Is Next Month

BlackBerry's ugly leaked slider phone—supposedly dubbed the Talladega—might be released next month, if Engadget's translation of a Korean interview with the CEO of a RIM supplier is anything to go by. Being a BlackBerry user myself, I can't help but feel a bit dismayed by the pictures that we've seen of it...though… » 3/18/10 9:58am 3/18/10 9:58am

This is "The Moment" For a Samsung Android OLED QWERTY Slider on Sprint

It appears that Samusng has dropped the InstinctQ branding on their upcoming Android-powered QWERTY slider to something that sounds like a lyric in a cheesy ballad. At any rate, complete details about the upcoming Sprint phone have been revealed. » 10/07/09 1:16pm 10/07/09 1:16pm

LG Chocolate BL20 Brings Back Traditional Chocolate Styling

Unlike LG's wacky BL40 ultra-widescreen Chocolate, the newly-spotted BL20 is more obviously from the Chocolate lineage. It's a non-touchscreen slider with haptic feedback on its touch-sensitive buttons, and actually features an interface not dissimilar to the BL40. » 9/05/09 5:00pm 9/05/09 5:00pm

More Nokia E75 QWERTY Slider Cellphone Stuff Leaks Out

Not so long a go a couple of pictures leaked out » 11/25/08 4:56am 11/25/08 4:56am of Nokia's upcoming E75 (alongside its E72 cousin) and now there's a little more to show you. Someone's got hold of one, and taken photos which demonstrate its screen in action for the first time: it's a 2.4-inch job. The camera with flash is also shown (there's no view …

Motorola QA30 Leaked: Moto's First QWERTY Slider

It appears that Motorola is getting ready to add the QA30 to their Q-Series lineup » 11/24/08 11:30am 11/24/08 11:30am complete with a sliding QWERTY keypad. It isn't a smartphone and the specs (CDMA, 1x-EVDO connectivity, 2.5 inch TFT, Full HTML browser, 2 MP camera, Bluetooth, MicroSD / MicroSDHC card support, up to 32GB) aren't going to wow anyone,…

Incase Power Slider For iPhone 3G Skillfully Conceals its Battery…

The Incase Slider is one of the more popular iPhone cases, and this new version is notable for being one of the better integrations of a supplemental battery pack yet. It'll add some girth, yes, but it also more than doubles your battery life and offers more protection than battery piggybacks like the Mophie Juice… » 11/17/08 11:15am 11/17/08 11:15am

LG Will Release Self-Proclaimed World's Thinnest 8MP Camera Phone

LG is claiming that its upcoming slider, the KC780, will be the world's thinnest 8 megapixel camera phone, according to GSM Arena. If that's true, the phone will wrestle the title from the Samsung Pixon » 9/30/08 1:27am 9/30/08 1:27am, which measures in at a super slim 13.8mm. Besides the 8MP camera, the KC780 is also expected to have a TFT display…

LG Xenon 3G Side-Slider Pics and Specs Leak

BoyGeniusReports has got hold of some imagery and specs for an upcoming LG slider phone, the Xenon. It's a side-slider with QWERTY keypad, quad-band GSM and UMTS/HSPDA. It's only got a 3-megapixel cam, so it's no Viewty or KC910 but it does pack in AGPS, an accelerometer and proximity detector. » 9/24/08 6:45am 9/24/08 6:45am

HTC Dream Engineering Drawings Reveal its Skinniness, Big Chin

Yesterday we had the FCC imagery » 8/26/08 4:49am 8/26/08 4:49am to give us some of the HTC Dream's sizes, but today over at they've got hold of engineering drawings that give us the full data: it's pretty skinny. Interestingly it's got a bent chin that looks a lot like the MotoRizr design, but the screen here slides to the side to reveal a full…

Samsung's i8510 Boasts Almost Everything, Plus An 8 Megapixel Camera

Samsung has a new slider on the market in Europe and we're hoping it finds its way over here. The i8510 is a S60-powered GSM phone with very fast 3G speeds and Wi-Fi, as well as GPS. What makes this high-end phone lust-worthy, though, is the 8 Megapixel multifunction camera with Xenon flash that can record video at up… » 7/23/08 10:00pm 7/23/08 10:00pm

Sliding Mouse Speakerphone Is Cute, But Isn't a Skype Phone

This cute 800 DPI optical mouse with a built-in speaker slides out like a cellphone to reveal a keypad for VoIP calls. It has an LCD display for Caller ID and switches between mouse and phone functions automatically. It also looks much cooler than other combos we've seen. No word on price or availability. [Product page » 6/20/08 5:30pm 6/20/08 5:30pm