Seagate Chalks Up Thinnest External Hard Drive Yet

Okay, so the previous record-holder in the world's thinnest hard drive category was only 1mm fatter, but still! Records! The Seagate GoFlex Slim portable hard drive—first debuted at CES this January but today a real live shipping USB 3.0, 7200RPM storage accessory—measures up at just 9mm thick. That's 320GB of bonus… »4/05/11 3:10pm4/05/11 3:10pm


JVC 1.5-Inch Slim Procision LCDs LT-42SL89 and LT-46L89 Don't Kill The Light

At CES, JVC showed off its super slim LCDs »9/04/08 10:41am9/04/08 10:41am, but at the time there wasn't a lot of detail on them. Today, the 42" LT-42SL89 and 46" LT-46L89 are shipping, priced at $1,900 and $2,400. Though the 1.5-inch thick TVs actually measure 2.9 inches in the middle, they come with an integrated HDTV tuner, which other slim TVs…

JVC's New LCD HDTVs Claim Title of World's Thinnest (with Tuner)

Right back in January we brought you news that JVC had worked out some magic for making super-slim LCD TVs, and now they're official products. The 42-inch LT-421L89 and the 46-inch LT-46SL89 measure up at just 1.5-inches deep (2.9-inches at the center) and let JVC say they're the "world's thinnest tuner-equipped LCD… »6/25/08 4:28am6/25/08 4:28am

Apple's New Aluminum Keyboard Features Built-In Anti-Caps Lock Bias

If you picked up a wired version of Apple's new thin aluminum keyboard you may have noticed that the caps lock function is all but useless. Only a good long press of the key will activate the function, and if you so much as breathe on it, caps lock disengages. So, is Apple spearheading an anti-caps lock campaign?… »10/05/07 8:20pm10/05/07 8:20pm

Certain Aluminum Apple Keyboard Function Keys Not Working For You?

If you recently purchased one of those new slim aluminum Apple keyboards, you might have noticed that a couple of the fancy function keys on top (where the F-keys are) didn't work. Namely, the F3 and F4 keys, which activate the Exposé and the Dashboard functions. Even using OS X's built-in keyboard shortcut remapping… »8/22/07 12:28pm8/22/07 12:28pm

Sony Ericsson K770i is Slim, 3.2 Megapixel Cyber-shot and Brown

Sony Ericsson's K770i Cyber-shot cellphone has been announced today: it's only 14.5 mm thick, has a 3.2-megapixel camera with Photo fix function and is expected to launch in Europe sometime in the last quarter of this year. Hopefully it will make the jump to the US soon. Full specs and press release after the jump.

»8/14/07 4:49am8/14/07 4:49am