Kensington SlimBlade Presenter Mouse Sleeps with Your Computer

The SlimBlade presenter mouse is a Bluetooth device with a very smart feature—when your computer goes to sleep, the SlimBlade saves power by going to sleep too. It also does double duty, flipping between laser mouse and handheld presenter with a double-click. It runs for three months on two AAs, costs $60 and is out… » 6/16/08 2:30pm 6/16/08 2:30pm

Kensington Rolls Out Modular SlimBlade Media Notebook Set and Four…

Kensington is launching a huge number of products today, starting with its SlimBlade mouse-and-keyboard line. The Media Notebook Set shown in the first gallery uses magnets to hold its individual components together, so you can organize them any way you want. The kit itself comes with number pad,… » 9/17/07 12:58pm 9/17/07 12:58pm