Slingbox Pro-HD 1080i Video Streamer Now Shipping

It took a little time, but today is the day that your patience pays off—the Slingbox Pro-HD » 9/25/08 11:15am 9/25/08 11:15am has gone live on the product website and it is shipping to customers today. An investment of $300 will get you started on slingin' some sweet 1080i video around your home network or over the internet to your laptop. The Pro-HD…

SlingNerds Rejoice: Slingbox Pro-HD and SlingCatcher Finally Available…

The Slingers are giddy today: After a long wait, many good things are happening with their favorite placeshifter. The Slingbox Pro-HD » 9/10/08 7:18pm 9/10/08 7:18pm, which lets you sling 1080i content around a local area network, and the , a set-top box intended to receive content from other Slingboxes, are both available for pre-order, $300 a pop,…

New Dish Network 722s HD DVR Has Built-In Slingbox and Slingcatcher

At their Team Summit Retailer Conference over the weekend, Dish Network pulled back the curtain on a new flavor their latest HD DVR, the 722s. It's got a built-in Slingbox, plus Clip + Sling and Slingcatcher functionality to boot. The pile of whip cream on that box of synergy awesomeness is a brand new HD UI; a… » 5/18/08 8:23pm 5/18/08 8:23pm

Slingcatcher: The Ultimate HD Streamer/File Player

Not only can you use this to play back streamed HD content from the Slingbox Pro HD on your HDTV, the Slingcatcher acts as a file dump for tons of file formats as well (DivX, XviD). The third and most innovative feature of the Slingcatcher is its ability to take video from your PC (either a portion of a screen or a… » 1/07/08 12:00am 1/07/08 12:00am

Leaked SlingCatcher Packaging Shots Reveal Specs?

Almost a year after catching wind of the SlingCatcher, The Tomo Report claims to have laid its on hands on pictures of the final packaging, which happens to splay the device's specs. According to the box, it'll require an HDTV, along with a USB 2.0 HDD or memory stick if you want to use SlingSync. It supports a… » 10/23/07 6:30pm 10/23/07 6:30pm

Sling Media Preparing SlingPlayer for Blackberry OS

Sling Media spreads location-shifting love far and wide, and now we're hearing that the company is further sowing the seeds of TV everywhere by preparing SlingPlayer Mobile for the Blackberry. On the heels of the company's announcement that it will be supporting Symbian S60 software, and after supporting Windows… » 9/27/07 1:00pm 9/27/07 1:00pm

Slingbox Solo Hands On: Slinging a Single HD Source Wherever You Are

Click to viewSling Media rolled out Slingbox Solo, a set-top box that lets you watch a home-bound HD source from anywhere in the world on a PC, Mac, Palm OS or Symbian mobile device. It's called "Solo" because it controls just one set-top box, instead of the four of its more-expensive Slingbox Pro brandmate.

» 9/26/07 9:00pm 9/26/07 9:00pm