SlingNerds Rejoice: Slingbox Pro-HD and SlingCatcher Finally Available for Pre-Order

The Slingers are giddy today: After a long wait, many good things are happening with their favorite placeshifter. The Slingbox Pro-HD »9/10/08 7:18pm9/10/08 7:18pm, which lets you sling 1080i content around a local area network, and the , a set-top box intended to receive content from other Slingboxes, are both available for pre-order, $300 a pop,…

Slingbox Pro HD Brings Full 1080i HD Streaming To Your Home (Hands-on Impressions)

The Slingbox Pro HD takes the previous year's Slingbox Pro and Pro HD Connect and takes it to the next level, not only doing the basic Slingbox thing of sending HD video across the network or internet to a computer, but also allowing you to watch full HD video anywhere inside the house when you use a Slingcatcher. »1/04/08 12:00am1/04/08 12:00am