Sling Throws Out Slinglink TURBO 1 and 4

Sling's just released the Slinglink TURBO 1 and Slinglink TURBO 4, two powerline network adapters so you can connect your Slingboxes through your home network by way of the electrical system. Aptly named, the TURBO 1 has one Ethernet port and the TURBO 4 has four, and will retail for $99 and $149 respectively. » 6/18/07 12:52am 6/18/07 12:52am

Slinglink Turbo: Merely a Powerline Networking Adapter

Amazon leaked an unrevealed piece of Sling gear yesterday. The next day you'll be assaulted with words from blogs claiming the Slinglink Turbo is a revolutionary piece of gadgetry. » 2/19/07 9:25pm 2/19/07 9:25pm