SlingPlayer's Android App Flings TV Shows to Honeycomb Tablets For $30

What price the luxury of watching Friends re-runs on your Android tablet? If you ask Sling Media, it's $30, which is what they're charging for the SlingPlayer app. Compatible with Honeycomb (and likely upcoming versions too), you must have a Slingbox to actually, y'know, sling TV shows to your tablet. [Android via » 10/11/11 6:40am 10/11/11 6:40am

A Sneak Preview of SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad

We've got SlingPlayer apps available for our iPhone and Android devices, but soon we'll be able to use SlingPlayer to stream media to our iPads as well. Here's a preview of what that experience will be like. » 11/16/10 5:00pm 11/16/10 5:00pm

SlingPlayer iPhone App Finally Allowed to Stream TV Over 3G

When the SlingPlayer iPhone app launched last May, it was hamstrung by AT&T's insistence that it stream video only over Wi-Fi. It was an untenable position, given that and others already stream over 3G. Today, finally, the carrier relented. » 2/04/10 8:46am 2/04/10 8:46am

SlingPlayer Coming To WebOS and Android Phones?

Palm Pre and Android phone owners could be getting some Sling streaming television action if this Sling Media job listing reveals anything. The company is looking for a Mobile Interface Designer who has experience with Android and WebOS applications. » 10/01/09 1:00pm 10/01/09 1:00pm

How to Hack the iPhone to Use SlingPlayer and Skype Over 3G

AT&T's impotent network—and good ol' fashioned greed make it do douchey things sometimes, like lock down SlingPlayer and Skype for the iPhone. But you can unlock their true 3G powers. » 5/14/09 5:40pm 5/14/09 5:40pm