SlingPlayer Mobile Gets Updated For Windows Mobile and Symbian

Sling's just rolled out new versions of their SlingPlayer Mobile for Windows Mobile (both versions) and Symbian S60. It's a free upgrade for current users and adds support for new handsets (Nokia N95, Samsung i760, Treo 500v, etc.) and improves streaming quality (Sprint Mogul) on others. We went to a car wash this… »4/29/08 12:00pm4/29/08 12:00pm

Sling Steps Outside With SlingPlayer Mobile for Symbian S60

SlingPlayer mobile, the app that lets you watch all your TV shows on your cellphone streamed from your SlingBox, has just launched in the US for $29, Canada for $34, and the UK for £19. It's the same basic functionality—although this has streaming support over 3G and/or Wi-Fi and landscape fullscreen support—but now… »9/27/07 6:30am9/27/07 6:30am

SlingPlayer Mobile For 3G Cellphones Arrives: Watch Your TV on Your Handset

Sling Media's got good news today for people who've wanted to sling their TV content onto their cellphone. They've announced the SlingPlayer Mobile for 3G cellphones, a result of a partnership with the A-Team 3 Group to make it possible for people to have access to their home SlingBox on their cellphone. The Nokia N73 »11/16/06 8:46am11/16/06 8:46am

SlingPlayer Mobile for Symbian OS Coming: Tiny-Screen TV Everywhere

If you care about watching TV shows on a screen the size of a large postage stamp, Sling Media officially announced today it will bring Slingbox to those 82 million cellphones that use the Symbian operating system. The SlingPlayer Mobile for Symbian OS will launch first in the fourth quarter in Europe and Asia, with a… »10/17/06 9:18am10/17/06 9:18am