A Perpetual Slinky Treadmill Might Be Humanity's Greatest Achievement

The Slinky has always been at its most entertaining while walking down a flight of stairs. But it's a short-lived thrill—over as quickly as it started—given most staircases only rise a single story. And that's why some genius, working in some secret laboratory, came up with Project NESM—otherwise known as the Never… »6/12/14 6:03pm6/12/14 6:03pm

You can stretch out these fake marble sculptures like a slinky

Yes, like a slinky. These marble-looking sculptures that look like they're from Ancient Greece are actually completely malleable, deformable, slinky-like art pieces. You see, the sculptures are made from thousands of sheets of paper to appear solid when still. When you tug at the sculpture though, you can stretch it… »2/06/14 12:01am2/06/14 12:01am