Crazy camera trick takes the Hitchcock zoom to a whole new LSD level

You know the Hitchcock zoom effect: A camera on a dolly moves back or forward as the lenses zoom in or out, changing the field of view. French photographer Micaël Reynaud has created a new variation of the technique—which you can see above—combining the dolly zoom with slit-scan photography. » 4/01/14 7:42pm 4/01/14 7:42pm

This Slit-Scan Video Will Break Your Brain

This video shows every day scenes in a city, in the most impossibly awesome and freaky and mind-twisting way I can imagine. It's the antithesis of the soothing time-lapses we are used to: a slit-scan video. What is it? Kamil Sladek explains: » 7/05/12 12:20pm 7/05/12 12:20pm