Hacking a Moto SLVR into a Makeshift iPhone

Can't wait until January for Apple's cancer-curing mobile communicator? PC Mag has a guide to hack your Moto SLVR into something that's about half as good. » 12/08/06 5:10pm 12/08/06 5:10pm

Enhanced MOTOSLVR L7e Sports EDGE Class 10, Push Technology

Sensing that the RAZR craze is dying a slow, painful death, Motorola is starting to pepper the market with all sorts of other horrifically name cellphones such as the just about to be released MOTOSLVR L7e. Slightly different than its vanilla MOTOSLVR brethren, the L7e distinguishes itself with a metallic blue paint… » 10/30/06 8:33am 10/30/06 8:33am

Sprint Adding Motorola KRZR, RAZR and SLVR to its Lineup

If you're a Sprint customer (or don't mind becoming one) and you've taken a liking to Motorola's latest phones including the KRZR, RAZR and SLVR, Sprint announced it's going to be adding those three cell phones to its lineup come November. Along for the ride will be EV-DO, opening up the doors to NFL Mobile, Sprint… » 10/03/06 3:22pm 10/03/06 3:22pm

Video of Motorola Vending Machine

This lousy video of the Motorola vending machine is blurry because it was taken on a Motorola RAZR. Still, you can see that it looks similar the the Sony one we saw before » 9/27/06 8:45pm 9/27/06 8:45pm, and features various RAZRs and SLVRs waiting to drop down into your ham-soaked hands.

LG KG320 Ultra-Slim Phone

With a thickness of only 9.9mm, compared to the 11.5mm of a Motorola SLVR L7, this LG is thinner than Nicole Richie after a three-day hobo-killing, dog-strangling, Herbie-the-Love-Bug-stealing coke binge. » 5/22/06 6:15pm 5/22/06 6:15pm

Motorola Goes Red for AIDS

Bono's AIDS charity has begun seeing red all over the UK. Many manufacturers—including Gap, American Express, Armani, Converse and Motorola—are releasing special red products to raise awareness and money to fight the AIDS epidemic in Africa. » 5/15/06 11:18am 5/15/06 11:18am

Cingular Launches Pink SLVR, Moms/Teenage Girls Rejoice

Go ahead and shoot me, but I feel like I'm over Motorola's consonant phones. I liked the RAZR and the SLVR looks cool, but the rush for black, pink, blue, and plaid models baffles me. » 5/09/06 12:13pm 5/09/06 12:13pm

Pink Motorola SLVR

If you've always wanted a pink phone to call your very own but for some reason neither the hot pink nor baby pink editions of Motorola's clamshell RAZR V3c did it for you, maybe you'll like the candybar goodness of the pink SLVR L6. It's super thin, has Bluetooth and runs iTunes, but alas, only a VGA camera. Motorola… » 3/02/06 1:33pm 3/02/06 1:33pm

Moto V8 SlVr—Sexiness all around

What the hell is the deal with Motorola's naming scheme, these four letter word games are starting to drive me nuts. RAZR, PEBL, ROKR and now the SlVr. The Bengal boy himself has a rodeo of pictures of the new SlVr for us to feast our eyes at. This thing is sexy as hell, it's a damn shame I bought a Moto A630 not too… » 10/24/05 2:53pm 10/24/05 2:53pm

Motorola Losing Its EDGE

From the 'while you were out to lunch' department comes the news from Phonescoop that Motorola has been revising the specs on its most-anticipated handsets. I'm talking about hugely publicized phones such as the PEBL and SLVR, as well as the E895 and A910. What's changed? These phones will no longer launch with… » 9/08/05 4:27pm 9/08/05 4:27pm