Techie Visa Card Features Buttons and Screen to Generate CCV Dynamically

In the interest of thwarting credit card theft, Visa is testing some pretty interesting card technology with a handful of European banks. Using what appears to be Visa's mutant hybrid of a credit card and a pocket calculator, users can enter their PIN into the card itself and have a security code generated on the… »11/11/08 3:35pm11/11/08 3:35pm

Windows Storage 1.0 Feature Pack Adds Blu-ray Burning, Smart Card Drivers

Microsoft's prepping a "Storage 1.0" feature pack for Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003 and Server 2008 that adds a few useful storage options for people who really love storing things. None of these are groundbreaking, but they are fundamental to those of you who would like to master Blu-ray discs natively, or… »8/15/08 6:30pm8/15/08 6:30pm