How LA Used Big Data to Build a Smart City in the 1970s

The concept of “smart cities” seems like a contemporary urbanism trend. But as early as the 1960s, cities were using technology to gather, interpret, and visualize civic data. Here’s how a 1974 report by Los Angeles’s Community Analysis Bureau used computer databases, cluster analysis, and infrared aerial photography… »6/22/15 11:15am6/22/15 11:15am


MIT Designs Electro-Scooter That Folds Up into Tiny, Wheeled Package

Those eggheads at the Smart Cities group at MIT are a clever bunch, coming up with a design concept for an electric scooter that folds up into a package scarcely larger than a wheeled carry-on suitcase. In the Utopian vision for such bikes, you'd ride one to work, then fold it up and roll it right into the office,… »11/28/07 11:10am11/28/07 11:10am