Ivee Sleek Review: The Dumbest Smart Clock Money Can Buy

Stuffing a Projector in a Tablet Might Actually Be Awesome

When 3M started frankensteining its pico projectors into smartphones a few years ago as a proof of concept, it was novel, but really had no practical use in the real world. (Even for the enterprise world and its infinite powerpoint presentations). But seeing a projector built into Smart Devices' SmartQ U7 Android… » 10/08/12 10:20am 10/08/12 10:20am

Lighthouse SQ7: A Tablet that Shouts at Twitter

I'm still holding out for the internet-surfing CrunchPad, but the $250 Lighthouse SQ7 is an interesting take on a tablet just for the couch (especially if you're super in to social networking). » 9/29/09 2:40pm 9/29/09 2:40pm