August Smart Lock and Connect Review: I'll Use Keys, Thanks 

Four months ago, we called the August Smart Lock superb. I knew that sooner or later, I'd invite one into my home. I got my chance a few weeks ago with the August Connect dongle, a $50 add-on that gives the lock internet access so you can control it from anywhere in the world. Sadly, it also revealed the lock's… » 2/13/15 10:20am 2/13/15 10:20am

Sony Is Crowdfunding This $120 Smart Lock

Sony is getting a taste for experimentation. Having tried its hand at crowd-funding the e-ink concept watch, it's now attempting to do the same with the Qrio Smart Lock. » 12/12/14 6:45am 12/12/14 6:45am

The Current State of Smart Locks

I've been following the smart lock market with great interest. There are some odd ideas, common mistakes, and a lot of hyperbole, but also intrepid engineering, smart marketing and a level playing field. For the first time in decades there is serious public interest in locks and it's pinging the historian in me… » 11/19/14 9:40am 11/19/14 9:40am

August Smart Lock Review: A Great Lock that Moves With You

Smart locks, along with intelligent lights, are the standard bearers for today's home automation movement with some of the biggest names in security—looking at you Schlage and Kwikset — offering internet-connected locks. But a San Francisco-based upstart may have just beaten these industry titans at their own game. » 10/14/14 10:00am 10/14/14 10:00am

The Internet of Bikes: This Smart Lock Lets You Track and Share Rides

This year has seen an influx of internet-connected devices, from home locks, to smoke alarms, to egg trays. But the long arm of Bluetooth has left bike locks relatively untouched—until now. » 10/28/13 12:00pm 10/28/13 12:00pm