Rear-View Mirror GPS To Come to US, Named SmartMirror

Previously named the DS400GB, the SmartMirror is a GPS system that is mounted in place of your conventional rear-view mirror, and has a rear-facing cam input. With Navigon Mobile Navigator 6.5 inside, it's got "reality view", a 4-inch touchscreen, integrated speakers and Bluetooth and takes SD cards. It's actually got… » 7/22/08 6:04am 7/22/08 6:04am

GPSMirror Helps You Avoid Speeding Tickets

Tired of getting busted on the road by those hidden speed cameras? Cheetah's GPSMirror is a rearview mirror for your car that warns you of incoming traffic cameras so you can slow down and avoid those nasty speeding tickets. The mirror displays your speed and can be programmed to give you visual, spoken, or audible… » 5/16/07 10:08am 5/16/07 10:08am