Up Close with Ring: Maybe Smart, Definitely Gigantic 

In the wide world of crowd-funding unicorns, smart rings have been hustling for the top of the heap. Among them is Ring, a gesture device that promised to let you someday control your own home with a series of arcane finger wags. I just saw it in action and seems like it works but god damn does it look dumb. » 1/04/15 8:20pm 1/04/15 8:20pm

Sorry, But Smart Rings Aren't the Future

Smartwatch? Please. We've already moved on to smart rings, magical digit-wrappers that control your world with a wave of the hand. They're everywhere—except, oddly enough, on our fingers. That's because despite the extravagant promises they're pitched with, most smart rings simply don't work yet. And they may well… » 3/11/14 10:00am 3/11/14 10:00am