Your Smartwatch Might Soon Know Exactly What You're Touching

Although undetectable by our limited five senses, most electrical devices emit small amounts of unique electromagnetic noise, which is actually transferred through our bodies. So by modifying the hardware to detect those signals, researchers have created a smarter smartwatch that can sense exactly what you’re holding. »11/09/15 5:30pm11/09/15 5:30pm

This Smartwatch Detects Gestures By Watching the Muscles Inside Your Arm Move

Your smartwatch’s incredibly tiny touchscreen isn’t necessarily the easiest way to navigate its interface. So to make hand gestures more reliable and more robust, a team of researchers has created a strap that can see inside the wearer’s arm and track the movements of the muscles instead. »11/09/15 4:00pm11/09/15 4:00pm

Pebble Time Round Review: Beauty In Simplicity

Smartwatches are subjected to many metaphors: “Smartphones on your wrist.” Mmm, not quite. Maybe in a few more years. “A wearable computer.” Depends on your definition of “computer.” Better keep looking. “An extension of your smartphone.” Now, that’s an idea–one that Pebble has perfected with the Pebble Time Round »11/05/15 1:00pm11/05/15 1:00pm

21 Gorgeous Android Wear Faces for Your Wrist

One of the big benefits of strapping an Android Wear watch to your wrist is customizing your timepiece to suit your personality, current mood or sartorial taste. As Google’s wearable platform has grown, we’ve seen more and more Android Wear watch faces show up on Google Play—here are some of our favorites. »10/13/15 11:59am10/13/15 11:59am

Samsung just announced prices for its Gear S2 smartwatch, the twisty-turny circular bezel one runnin

Samsung just announced prices for its Gear S2 smartwatch, the twisty-turny circular bezel one running the company’s own Tizen wearable software. If interested, you’ll be parting with $300-$350 for the S2 and the S2 Classic. They’ll be available in stores and online on October 2. »9/30/15 9:47am9/30/15 9:47am

The Moto 360 (2015) Review: Putting the Watch Back in Smartwatch

When smartwatches became a real thing you could buy, and not just a 80s fantasy dreamed up by Casio and Seiko, they looked unmistakably like technology on your wrist. Tech companies were mired in making a wristputer, rather than a wristputer you actually want to wear. But this year, that’s all changed. »9/23/15 5:00pm9/23/15 5:00pm

LG's Watch Urbane Luxe Is 23-Karat Gold Bonkers

Android Wear watches are cool and all, but none of them are especially fancy. (Even the new Moto 360, with its flat tire screen.) Until now, at least. An alligator leather wristband, 23-karat gold plating, and a $1000-plus price tag mean the LG Watch Urbane Luxe is a particularly niche geek accessory. »9/05/15 4:00pm9/05/15 4:00pm