Most Returned Gadgets Actually Work Fine, Only About 1% Are Broken

According to the consulting firm Accenture, most consumers are idiots and return gadgets not because they're broken, but because they thought they were broken. The overall return rate seems to be hovering around 11% to 20%, with a full 68% of those being returned because they don't "meet customers' expectations for… »6/03/08 4:20pm6/03/08 4:20pm

Rumor Smashed: Philippine Call Center Not Awarded Zune Contract

Even though the Zune Phone is all but confirmed (there haven't been any formal announcements yet), we shouldn't be jumping to conclusions every time there's an announcement that somehow ties Microsoft to phones. Case in point, this morning Global Sky, a Philippine-based call center, issued a press release saying they… »2/06/07 6:30pm2/06/07 6:30pm