A Classic Fiat 500 Had To Die So You Can Keep Your Drinks Cool

Though it was reborn back in 2007 as a similarly compact model, the original Fiat 500 showed the world, not just Europe, that you didn't need a giant land yacht of a vehicle to be comfortable. So it's a little sad to see that Smeg is working with Fiat to hack apart these iconic rides, and turn their front ends into… » 6/04/13 1:12pm 6/04/13 1:12pm

Fab28, Smeg's Hippest Retro Refrigerator is Heading Stateside

After almost a decade of waiting, Smeg's Fab28 fridge is heading our way. It comes in all sorts of colors, and has 9.22 cubic feet of space. Available in the UK as a giant Union Jack, what's the betting that if it's a success, the Fab28 will come in a Stars 'n Stripes version? Full specs below. » 8/22/07 8:05am 8/22/07 8:05am

Retro-Cool Smeg Refrigerators

If your crib is getting to be a little bit too modern-looking, now it's time to funk it up a bit with some retro-refrigeration. Oddly-named Brit company Smeg is offering these old-fashioned refrigerators with a large selection of colors including those seen above. So if you're looking to sing the praises of the Union… » 2/25/06 11:22am 2/25/06 11:22am