From Shock Chairs to Smell-O-Vision: The Movie Gimmicks of Yesteryear

Have you ever been to a movie so shocking that the theater management offered you a life insurance policy just in case you died of fright? Filmmaker William Castle devised a scheme that did just that for the release of his 1958 suspense/horror film Macabre. Thankfully, they never had to pay out. » 7/31/13 5:09pm 7/31/13 5:09pm

USB Aroma Joule: Whole Lotta Stinkin' Goin' On

Great strides are being made toward that Holy Grail of olfactory goodness: Smell-o-Vision. First we heard about a scent recorder, and we've seen various USB stenchers, but now here's the USB Aroma Joule, reacting to sound and spewing out appropriate odors for whatever music it hears. At the same time, it gives you a… » 9/05/06 11:57am 9/05/06 11:57am