This Whole Town Was Forever Painted Blue Because of The Smurfs Movie

The Smurfs made a terrible movie but did one good thing: they're adding more color to the world. Juzcar, a town in Southern Spain, was painted blue for the movie as a sort of publicity stunt but the residents loved it so much they want to keep their homes all blue everything. » 12/20/11 1:00pm 12/20/11 1:00pm

Capcom's Smurf Crisis Could Lead to Tighter App Buying Controls

According to a "well placed source" quoted by PocketGamer today, Capcom has been called in to see Apple due to the controversy caused by its freemium kiddie game Smurfs' Village. Thanks to some high-profile complaints over the free game's laughably costly in-app item purchases and an apparent high level of return and… » 2/16/11 6:40am 2/16/11 6:40am

8-Year Old Girl Racks Up $1,800 of In-Game Charges On "Smurfs' Village"

Rockville, MD's Madison, age 8, loves her iPad. She gets to play Smurfs' Village on it! She gets to buy nice things for her Smurfs! She gets to, uh, charge $1,800 to her mom's credit card. In-app purchases, man. They'll getcha. [Washington Post] » 2/09/11 8:40pm 2/09/11 8:40pm

Tech-laden Storm Chasers Fly Headlong Into Hurricane Ike with a Smurf…

First off, I hope everyone who stayed behind in the path of Hurricane Ike is OK this morning. Second, we know what we knew about Ike due in part to the guys, gals and tech shown in these storm chaser photographs » 9/13/08 9:10am 9/13/08 9:10am. The photo above shows a "Smurf," or the Stepped-Frequency Microwave Radiometer, which has adorned the…