Giant New Zealand carnivorous snails are anything but slow

I've never seen a snail moving this fast in my life, but then I've never been to New Zealand where these creatures come from. The snails had to adapt to their isolation and became bigger and carnivorous. » 5/05/14 5:23am 5/05/14 5:23am

Feeling Old? Let a Snail Crawl On Your Skin

Fashion is a fickle beast, but it gets strange when putting snail slime on your face becomes a thing. Come again? Apparently, snail goo is being marketed in such places as South America and South Korea as the best thing for your skin. » 7/30/11 2:20pm 7/30/11 2:20pm

Portable "Snail" Cooking Device Clamps Onto Sides of Pots or Mugs to…

Every year Electrolux's Design Lab competition throws up some amazing inventions, but sadly most never make it further than the designer's CAD program. This year's winner is a nifty portable magnetic induction heater for heating up pots, pans and mugs. » 9/24/10 5:40am 9/24/10 5:40am

Chemicals Provoke Penises To Be Grown On Female Sea Snails' Foreheads

Good news for homosexual male snails living off the coast of Western Australia, as the female sex of the Thais Orbita species have all grown rather large "members" on their heads. Sadly, the head-peni have formed due to chemical reactions. » 9/16/10 7:20pm 9/16/10 7:20pm

Next Stab Proof Vests Could Be Inspired By Ocean Snails' Shells

This bad-boy-in-a-shell could be used as inspiration for body armor, according to scientists. Meet the Crysomallon Squamiferum, or 'scaly-foot gastropod.' He could end up saving your life. » 1/19/10 2:40pm 1/19/10 2:40pm