NYT: The Government Is Tracking All Your Snail Mail Too

Your email and phone call metadata certainly isn't private, but maybe you were holding out hope that good old fashioned snail mail somehow avoided big brother's living gaze. The Smoking Gun broke the bad news a month ago, and now the New York Times is confirming that nope, that's all being tracked too. Surprise… » 7/03/13 12:49pm 7/03/13 12:49pm

Bring Snail Mail Unto the 21st Century With Recordable, Rewritable…

Oh, so you still send snail-mail? Boobytrap envelopes by recording 10-second-long messages on these rewritable talking envelopes, which cost $4.75 for a 10-pack. Be sure to address them in pencil only, though! [SoundExpression via RedFerret] » 5/12/11 7:00am 5/12/11 7:00am

Ping Goes the iPhone! You've Got Mail—Snail Mail

Living in the digital-world definitely has its downsides, often resulting in you losing patience with delivery men when they fail to deliver mail within the allocated window. Here's how to rig your mailbox for sending iPhone alerts. [Make via BB] » 1/20/11 7:40am 1/20/11 7:40am

Miniature Kinetic Sculptures Are the Coolest Snail Mail You Could…

Stamps and envelopes and mailboxes—I DON'T DO THAT. But these MechaniCards—a set of five intricate and mesmerizing handcrafted mechanical sculptures you can send in the mail—are awesome enough to get me back standing in line for postage. » 10/14/10 4:40pm 10/14/10 4:40pm

Snail Mail With A Dash of Google Maps

I thought Google Map Buddy's ability to generate printable, hi-res versions of Google Maps was pretty neat but figured I'd never find a reason to use it. These Google Maps envelops, however, are definitely worth the ink and the effort. » 2/06/10 2:00pm 2/06/10 2:00pm

POSTCN01 Mailbox Counts Letters While Looking Like a Bomb

It's neat that the POSTCN01 mailbox counts letters and notifies you how much mail is waiting, but what gets me excited is that it looks like a bomb and detonator from an old movie. It'll make my mailman pee himself. » 1/21/10 12:20am 1/21/10 12:20am

USPS Suffers as More People Use New-Fangled Electronic Mail

The USPS is having a rough time lately, sending billions fewer pieces of mail each year and shutting down hundreds of thousands of mailboxes. They're in such dire financial straits they may need a bailout. And it's all our fault. » 7/25/09 3:00pm 7/25/09 3:00pm

The World's First Webmail Service Using Live Snails

If you thought the post office was slow, get a load of this Real Snail Mail project. Created by the aptly titled Boredom Research team for the SIGGRAPH 2008 Slow Art Exhibition, this snail mail service uses live snails to deliver your email messages via RFID chips planted on the shell. When you compose an email via… » 8/11/08 8:40pm 8/11/08 8:40pm