What’s Worse, Hiccups Or This Stick That Claims To Cure Them?

As this promotional video points out, there's an endless list of ridiculous tricks that will supposedly cure a bout of hiccups. But for whatever reason the makers of the Hiccup Stick-which you bite on while drinking a glass of water-don't feel this solution ranks among them. Not only that, they want you to shell out » 10/30/12 3:20pm 10/30/12 3:20pm

PowerBalance Scam Lawsuit Forces Company Into Bankrupcy

After admitting that their PowerBalance bracelets are worthless pieces of plastic in Australia, the company has officially filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the United States following a class action suit filed in a Los Angeles' federal court. » 11/22/11 10:33am 11/22/11 10:33am

Beautician Enlarges Breasts and Makes Women Prettier By Beating the…

This is so bizarre it reads like a Monty Python skit: A Bangkok beautician claims that she can make you beautiful, thinner and enlarge your breast by beating the crap out of you. Shockingly, Thailand's government has approved her technique. » 9/19/11 3:58pm 9/19/11 3:58pm

7 Tools to Stay Young Forever (...in Theory)

Getting old is terrifying. What if we could stay 21-years-old forever? There are plenty contraptions and substances out there which can do just that. Here are seven that will help you maintain your youth. [At least, that's the pitch.] » 9/06/11 5:00pm 9/06/11 5:00pm

How Snake Oil Got Its Reputation

We refer to things as snake oil whenever it over promises, scams, has no proof in being able to do what its been marketed to do or when it's just plain ridiculous. But did you know real snake oil works? » 5/22/11 3:00pm 5/22/11 3:00pm

This Dress Could Save the Planet

This elegant evening gown, called "Herself," is an experiment. By coating the dress with a special concrete mixture (yes, concrete!), designer Catalytic Clothing claims it can, allegedly (stress: allegedly), suck up nitrogen oxide and CO from the surrounding air. » 1/16/11 9:00pm 1/16/11 9:00pm

Valkee Earbuds Shine Light Into Your Brain to Combat Seasonal Affective…

Now here's something which claims to do the same as SAD lamps, but THROUGH YOUR EARS. Valkee's earbuds supposedly beam light right through to your brain, no doubt brainwashing you into thinking $240 is a sum well-spent on two LEDs. » 1/12/11 1:20pm 1/12/11 1:20pm

PowerBalance Admits Their Wristbands Are a Scam

I don't think this would surprise anyone, but PowerBalance—manufacturers of plastic wristbands with hologram stickers on it—have admitted that there's "no credible scientific evidence that supports [their] claims and therefore [they] engaged in misleading conduct." Here's their statement: » 1/03/11 2:59pm 1/03/11 2:59pm

Kill Gadget Germs Dead With Violight's Snake-Oil UV Light Sanitizer

From the same company that makes toothbrush sanitizers comes the gadget sanitizer—seen here rinsing an iPhone with UV light to kill all the nasty germs living on it. » 6/21/10 5:47am 6/21/10 5:47am

The World Cup Goes High-Tech

From the ball to special uniforms that make you jump higher, this year's World Cup could very well be the most techie soccer tournament the world's ever seen. » 2/28/10 11:00am 2/28/10 11:00am

LessLoss Blackbody Improves Stereo Sound With Slippery Snake Oil Science

Step right up and marvel at the latest innovation in audio technology. The LessLoss Blackbody...box...thingy claims to improve stereo sound simply by being placed next to your gear. How does it work? I haven't the slightest idea. » 11/25/09 3:39pm 11/25/09 3:39pm

Wattgate 381 "Audio Grade" Socket Is For Suckers Only

The Wattgate "Audio Grade" wall socket costs a mere $147, but the crisp, unmatchable sounds it will create in your home are positively priceless. » 10/25/09 4:00pm 10/25/09 4:00pm

Step Into My Crimson Glow, And You Will Be Young Again

A hapless human basks in the glow of the ReGen HUMAN INCINERATOR 3000 skin treatment system, which is said to "rejuvenate" skin using high-intensity blue and red LED lights. More at [io9] » 5/21/09 12:40pm 5/21/09 12:40pm

Sleep Partner Acupuncture Bracelet Is Heavy On Snake Oil, Lacks Needles

As far as we can tell, this watch doesn't actually stab your wrist at all, which is a shame, because anything that advertises itself as an acupuncture bracelet had better be breaking some skin. Which it doesn't, but there's a healthy amount of BS being tossed your way should you put it on and try to use it to get… » 11/23/08 5:00pm 11/23/08 5:00pm

Lifemax Sneezer Beam Annihilates Your Allergies With Light

You want to know what snake oil smells like? Take a whiff of the Lifemax Sneezer beam. Oh wait—you can't because your nose is stuffed up. Well, I suggest taking some Allegra because I hardly think cramming two light beam rods up your nose that use "dual-wavelength phototherapy" will do much to relieve congestion,… » 11/12/08 1:30pm 11/12/08 1:30pm

Kinoki Footpads Are Stained with Lies and Shame, Not Body Toxins

Sarah Varney of NPR's "All Things Considered" tested out » 8/19/08 8:00pm 8/19/08 8:00pm the Kinoki body-detoxifying footpads currently making the rounds of late-night infomercials, to see if they really eliminate "heavy metals and metabolic waste." She and her husband used them for a night, and by the next morning the pads were covered in…

Embedded Bra Improves Moods and Protects Boobs (From Harmful Cellphone…

Apparently, the folks in Japan are suckers for snake oil tourmaline trinkets like this bra that was recently unveiled at the Beauty World Japan exhibition in Tokyo. If you are not familiar, tourmaline is thought of as a "miracle electric stone" capable of blocking harmful radiation from cellphones, improving moods and… » 5/21/08 6:50pm 5/21/08 6:50pm

Swiss Army Jacket With Air Purifier Helps You Breathe a Little Easier

Those who have trouble with allergies (and deep pockets) may try just about anything to help alleviate their symptoms, and chances are Victorinox had these people in mind when they developed this Swiss Army Tech Vest with Air Purifier. The purifier itself is located in the left breast pocket, and it supposedly… » 1/30/08 3:00am 1/30/08 3:00am

Eye Power, Your Pushbutton Nearsightedness Cure, or One-Way Ticket to…

If the thought of blindness doesn't scare you, this Eye Power thingamajig supposedly uses ultrasonic waves to somehow jostle your nearsighted eyeball into compliance. Its makers claim a ten-minute session can cure those bleary deadlights of yours, so you can toss away those specs and contacts, forever eagle-eyed and… » 11/29/07 11:55am 11/29/07 11:55am

10 All-Time Gadget Rip-Offs

Wired has put together a list of ten gadgets that have done little more than separate the gullible from their hard earned money. There are some classics on there, including: the harmony chip, MPion MP3 Player, the Philip Stein Teslar Watch, and my all-time personal favorite —the "ionized" Q-Ray bracelet. Seriously,… » 11/19/07 9:40pm 11/19/07 9:40pm