Lockheed Martin One Shot Sniper System: One Shot, One Kill

Lockheed Martin's scored a $2 million DARPA contract to develop the One Shot System, which will crunch data on and compensate for wind conditions so snipers can peg targets from further away, even during typhoon season. A prototype's at least 9 months away, but Kotaku will be getting an eyeful of our own One Shot… »10/08/07 4:00pm10/08/07 4:00pm

Sniper BB Gun: Taking Down the Varmints, One Bunny at a Time

Not that we recommend becoming an assassin or anything, but if you're looking for ultra-low-noise BB shooting with pinpoint accuracy, the UTG Model 700 FPS-325 Accurate Shot Competition Master Sniper airsoft gun is for you. It's a spring-loaded air gun that shoots .20g BBs, and it must be cocked every time you shoot… »12/14/06 11:10am12/14/06 11:10am