Video: Marine survives Taliban sniper headshot thanks to helmet

Afghanistan veteran Sam Arnold uploaded this spine-chilling video of a US Marine getting a direct headshot from a Taliban sniper—only to be saved by his kevlar helmet. It's incredible to watch, especially the face of relief and disbelief of the impact victim. That was a really close call. » 10/16/14 1:37am 10/16/14 1:37am

Personal Sniper Detector Hears Better Than Superman

Part of a $1.4 billion counter-sniping package the Pentagon's asking for, which includes vehicle-mounted and UAV sniper detectors, is a pocket-sized unit that weights only a pound. The Ears 100 by QinetiQ is a pretty sweet piece of tech which "detects the sound of a gunshot, the shock wave of a bullet and the blast… » 11/05/07 7:30pm 11/05/07 7:30pm

Lockheed Martin One Shot Sniper System: One Shot, One Kill

Lockheed Martin's scored a $2 million DARPA contract to develop the One Shot System, which will crunch data on and compensate for wind conditions so snipers can peg targets from further away, even during typhoon season. A prototype's at least 9 months away, but Kotaku will be getting an eyeful of our own One Shot… » 10/08/07 4:00pm 10/08/07 4:00pm

DARPA Unclassifies Plans for Laser-Guided Bullet

DARPA's Budget Item Justification Sheet contains goodies that seem right out of the pages of science fiction, like laser-guided bullets. The goal appears to be to "enable low-cost, high performance guided projectiles" that take advantage of "guidance and targeting systems." While the idea of a laser-guided bullet… » 7/02/07 4:50pm 7/02/07 4:50pm

Sniper BB Gun: Taking Down the Varmints, One Bunny at a Time

Not that we recommend becoming an assassin or anything, but if you're looking for ultra-low-noise BB shooting with pinpoint accuracy, the UTG Model 700 FPS-325 Accurate Shot Competition Master Sniper airsoft gun is for you. It's a spring-loaded air gun that shoots .20g BBs, and it must be cocked every time you shoot… » 12/14/06 11:10am 12/14/06 11:10am