A Snorkel Mask That Lets You Breath Like You're Not Underwater

Snorkeling isn't the most difficult skill to master—especially compared to scuba diving—but only breathing through your mouth is a skill that doesn't come easy to everyone. The Easybreath mask promises to make first-timers seem like snorkeling pros with a full face design that lets anyone breathe like they were still… »1/27/14 12:40pm1/27/14 12:40pm


Liquid Image Camera-Mask Lets You Shoot Video, Take Pics Underwater

Although only waterproof to 15 feet, and therefore not exactly serious underwater snapper gear, this Liquid Image digital camera-mask is not a bad idea for kids or snorkelers as it lets you take hands-free images of the Big Blue. Full details will be released at CES next month, but we've got a bit more info after the… »12/20/07 5:58am12/20/07 5:58am

Casio EWC-10: Exilim Case for Snorkelers and Beach Bums

Casio has brought out a waterproof casing for its Exilims EX-Z65 and EX-Z75. However, it will only go down to 10 feet, so it's more suited for the snorkelers among you rather than scuba divers. The cute flame-colored housing does, however, protect against sand, which could be useful if you're always dropping things… »4/09/07 6:37am4/09/07 6:37am