NosePouch: The Next Generation Handkerchief

The last time we saw anyone used a handkerchief was our dad when we were six, but this NosePouch seems to be as good an incentive as any to bring back the old pocket cloth. Instead of being made of one piece of flat material, the NosePouch has a little fold—or pouch—in the middle to catch snot and other refuse when… » 9/16/07 7:45pm 9/16/07 7:45pm

Synthetic Snot may Enable Bender to Smell his Farts

You can tell it's a quiet day when we start talking about robot snot, can't you? Researchers at the Universities of Warwick and Leicester in the UK have apparently discovered that synthetic snot smeared on robot noses enables the electronic sniffing devices to identify a greater number of smells. And don't expect to… » 5/02/07 10:30am 5/02/07 10:30am