Super Creepy Snow Globes are Filled With Death, Not Cheer

When I think of snow globes, images of pleasant Christmas settings usually come to mind. Even now, on a hot summer's day, the thought is kind of refreshing. However, it seems that artists Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz must have had a traumatic incident involving snow globes, because the imagery they have created in… »6/20/08 5:50pm6/20/08 5:50pm

Bill Gates "I'm Riiich Biotch!" Snow Globes Bring Holiday Cheer

Holidays and snow globes go hand in hand —and so does Bill Gates and exorbitant amounts of money. When you put them together, that is a sure-fire recipe for good times. There are two Bill Gates versions to choose from, both of which feature "gold coin" and "green bill" glitter. All that is left to decide is whether… »12/12/07 8:20pm12/12/07 8:20pm