This Soft-Shell Helmet Bounces Back With Every Hit

Helmets have a relatively simple—if not imperative—job as far as gear goes: 1) don't fall off and 2) prevent major brain damage. Given its limited roster of tasks, it'd be easy to assume that helmet innovation has probably hit a standstill by now. WRONG. Enter the Giro Combyn snow-sports helmet: a soft-shell helmet… »1/29/13 5:40pm1/29/13 5:40pm


Skiing Speedometer Gives You Bragging Rights in the Lodge

As a former ski instructor (best high school job ever) and resident of the mountains of New Hampshire now living in the relatively mountain-free areas of Brooklyn, skiing gadgets bring a tear to my eye. One the one hand, they're awesome; like this speedometer for skiers and snowboarders that clips onto your chest or… »9/12/07 6:30pm9/12/07 6:30pm