Ice-Chomping Blades Make This Snow Blower Fit For a Wampa

Having to break up chunks of ice and dense snow on your driveway before plowing through it with your snow blower is just as annoying as having to clean your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Briggs & Stratton's 922EXD features a redesigned auger called the SnowShredder, with 14 serrated edges designed to… » 1/13/15 11:02am 1/13/15 11:02am

This Rechargeable Snow Blower Frees You From an Electric Leash

As beautiful as it is to wake up to a fresh snowfall, the honeymoon's soon over when you realize it's up to you to clear a path for your car. You can go the shovel route and risk a heart attack, opt for a gas-powered snow blower and risk going deaf, or have at it with a corded model and risk electrocution. Thankfully… » 10/10/13 3:20pm 10/10/13 3:20pm

Toro Will Fully Refund Your New Snowblower If It Doesn't Snow

Shoveling your vehicle out of a mountain of fresh snow in the morning is not only a terrible way to start your day, it could be downright dangerous if you're not in the best of shape. A snowblower is a far better alternative, but who wants to drop all that money when there's the risk of a snow-free winter? Toro… » 8/12/13 9:20am 8/12/13 9:20am

Bob Vila Wants to Help You Pick Out a Snowblower

Northeastern Giz readers—your house is very possibly buried underneath a considerable amount of snow. But don't worry—housemaster extraordinaire Bob Vila has some handy tips on picking out the right snowblower. Time to liberate that front yard. [Bob Vila] » 12/27/10 11:39am 12/27/10 11:39am

In Russia, Snowblowers Use Mig-15 Jets

I like when secrets are finally revealed, like the crazy Sukhoi Su-35 ejection. And I absolutely love it when the answers are really weird, like with the strange jet truck mystery I posted about on Tuesday. » 8/07/09 10:00am 8/07/09 10:00am