Now Anyone Can Kick Around the Empire

Every once in a while you come across a piece of Star Wars merchandise and wonder how it took so long for Lucas' or Disney's giant merchandise-o-tron computer to make the connection. A Death Star soccer ball (football for our overseas readers, or inflatable kick bag for you non-sports types) seems so obvious you'd have … » 10/01/13 9:40am 10/01/13 9:40am

Brilliantly Compact Foosball Tables Made From Airplane Food Trolleys

After spending the vast majority of your college years mastering foosball in the lounge, life as a young professional can be difficult when you realize your cramped apartment barely has room for a bed, let alone a foosball table. The folks at Bordbar can help, though. They turn old food and bar trolleys from airliners… » 7/09/13 5:09pm 7/09/13 5:09pm

Nike's Got the Balls To Try and Revolutionize Soccer Again

After the design of Adidas' soccer ball at the 2006 World Cup was found to actually be unstable and unpredictable at higher speeds, Nike has capitalized on the company's mistake to secure a stronger foothold in the world's most-watched sport. And its latest creation, a ball called the Incyte, has already been adopted… » 7/02/13 4:52pm 7/02/13 4:52pm

Nike's Roving Laser Bus Created Soccer Fields Out of Thin Air

When you're a kid, all you need is a handful of backpacks and crumpled up coats to turn an empty playground into a soccer field. But to promote its new soccer shoes designed for street use, Nike worked with ad agency DoubleYou in Madrid, Spain, to come up with a better way to create an instant soccer field by » 6/19/13 9:13am 6/19/13 9:13am

How Far Do You Run Playing Different Sports?

While watching sports, have you ever stopped (midway through a bowl of Cheetos) to wonder, "How far are those guys actually running?" It's a common question, one that's historically been subject mostly to guesswork, Thanks to some recent technological developments, though, we can now actually apply some data to it. » 4/03/13 2:20pm 4/03/13 2:20pm

This Is the Best Toilet to Ever Play Goalie

Although it's probably completely against Fifa regulations, Japanese luxury toilet maker Toto has turned one of its commodes into what has to be the greatest soccer goalie ever. It's a step-up from the company's Poop-Powered Toiletcycle. But as impressive as it is, it's still pretty useless as far as toilet innovation … » 10/29/12 3:40pm 10/29/12 3:40pm

The Future of Watching Sports: A View Inside A Pro Athlete's Body

Increasingly, the image of a "sports nerd" is a pasty weakling with a laptop and a spreadsheet. It's Moneyball's fault, or something. But for more fluid sports like soccer, deep statistical analysis has proven challenging. Not anymore. Adidas is tracking every movement of every player in the MLS—and soon, maybe all of… » 7/19/12 2:00pm 7/19/12 2:00pm

Soccer's New Ball-Tracking Technology Should Be Used In Every Sport

At last, after years of horribly bad referee calls, the cave full of old crooks and farts known as FIFA has approved the use of technology to track the ball in soccer games. This is a huge change, with profound implications in the most popular sport in the world. » 7/05/12 5:08pm 7/05/12 5:08pm

Watching Two Girls Listlessly Kick a Ball Is the Most Awkward Thing…

Panasonic created the world's most depressing soccer field in their booth. The two girls that stood on opposite ends of the "field" are charged with kicking a soccer ball back and forth. The ball isn't even filled with air. From the sound of the kicks, it seemed like it was filled with sand or sawdust. » 1/11/12 7:25pm 1/11/12 7:25pm

The 360 Degree, 10 Gigapixel View From Inside a Stadium Makes You Feel …

Jeffrey Martin, the master of gigapixel pictures, has brought us inside Wembley Stadium during a live soccer game. Like his previous iterations, you get to pan, zoom, pull and see a moment frozen in time. And as alway, it's amazing. » 5/17/11 9:28am 5/17/11 9:28am