Snapdragon 810: Your Next Phone's Brains Are Way More Than Just Fast

A new year means a new flagship smartphone brain, and Qualcomm has detailed some of the most fun features of its upcoming Snapdragon 810 chip, which will start popping up in Android and Windows phones next year. It's faster, and it supports better graphics sure, but it also has other tricks up its sleeve. Here's what… »12/12/14 9:00am12/12/14 9:00am

Intel's Next-Gen Atom Chipset Could Have Supercharged Ivy Bridge Graphics

It's been known for quite some time that Intel wants to enter the tablet space. When its Atom-based Balboa Pier chipset hits in early 2013, it could ultimately power the first Intel-based tablet people care about thanks to a rumored quad-core processor, 8 gigabytes of RAM and Ivy Bridge-class graphics. Whoa. »3/23/12 9:53am3/23/12 9:53am

MPAA Want to Bung-Up "Analog Hole," Disable Piracy-Enabling Cable Box Outputs

Movies movies movies... we all love a good show, but the lovely MPAA is up to some pretty strange shenanigans to ensure that you get to see some shows just once—until they're out on DVD at least. The fab guys at the Motion Picture Association of America are petitioning the FCC on behalf of some major movie studios to… »8/04/08 9:15am8/04/08 9:15am