How To Watch The Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony Live

The XXII Olympic Winter Games opening ceremony in Sochi starts Friday morning at 11 a.m. Eastern Time, but it won't be aired in the U.S. until more than eight hours later thanks to NBC's tape-delay policies. They aren't streaming it live online, either, so if you'd like to join the rest of the world in watching the… »2/07/14 8:53am2/07/14 8:53am

8 Viral Sochi Olympics Photos That Are Total Lies

Thousands of images are pouring out of Sochi in the lead-up to the Olympics. And things don't look great. There are unfinished buildings, a lack of winter weather, and an abundance of trash. But don't believe every image you see. Like so much of what gets passed on social media these days, a lot of them aren't exactly… »2/06/14 2:53pm2/06/14 2:53pm

How L.A.'s 1984 Summer Olympics Became the Most Successful Games Ever

It's almost showtime for Sochi, which may or may not have its shit together by the time the opening ceremonies start. While it's too late for Sochi to change its trajectory, perhaps the 2016 host city could jot down a few tips from what are widely considered to be the most successful Olympics ever: L.A., 1984. »2/06/14 12:00pm2/06/14 12:00pm

How Sochi Is Making It Snow in a Subtropical Resort

So far, the Sochi Olympics has had its share of difficulties. But there might be a sort of reasonable explanation for that! You see, while Sochi's organizers were letting everything else fall to the wayside, they were busy perfecting the one thing totally out of their control: the weather. Here's how Sochi—which is… »2/06/14 10:00am2/06/14 10:00am

Jamaican Bobsled Team Boosts Dogecoin's Exchange Rate by 50 Percent

In an unusual convergence of Olympic sports, cryptocurrency, and 90s nostalgia, the Jamaican bobsled team is Dogecoin's biggest hero this week. The team turned to the joke currency to raise money for its trip to the Sochi Olympics and, in doing so, raised the Dogecoin to Bitcoin exchange rate by 50 percent in just 12… »1/20/14 11:15am1/20/14 11:15am