This Kid-Proof Outlet Wouldn't Power Up Until You Plug Something In

Any household with small roaming humans inevitably has to block its electrical sockets from tiny probing fingers. But most of the childproof measures out there—plastic plugs, sliding faceplates—can still be impregnated by determined hands. This outlet prototype wouldn't supply any electricity to its sockets until a… »11/19/14 5:40pm11/19/14 5:40pm


Belkin's Mashup Surge Protector and USB Charger is Perfect, Tiny

I was desperate for a product just like Belkin's mini surge protector and USB charger combo yesterday, as I struggled behind my desk with the nest of wires, power bricks and surge protection to find my phone charger. Taking the small-is-neat approach, Belkin looks to have tackled their Dual USB Power Adapter and… »3/11/08 5:00am3/11/08 5:00am

Free Lines Concept Power Cable Unhides Your Ugly Electric Wiring

Everyone has a wiring mess hidden somewhere in their home and sometimes its because power sockets just aren't where you need them to be: something this concept design by Sung-hun Choi is attempting to fix. The Free Lines power strip brings your wiring out from behind the wall where it rightly belongs and drapes it… »1/17/08 5:41am1/17/08 5:41am