A Better Soda Can

Aluminum cans are convenient! So why would we need a better soda can? Well because even though they're recyclable, they're not really reusable. This soda can is not only reusable, it's also biodegradable. Better for everybody! » 2/02/11 8:00pm 2/02/11 8:00pm

Soda Can MP4 is Not All That Refreshing

As you might have guessed, the NXMP324 from Neux Corp is not what I would call a "serious" product, but those looking for something a little different may find its support for MP3, WMA, WMV, WAV and ASF file formats, built-in USB 2.0 port, FM radio, and 128MB to 4GB capacities mildly interesting. Not me though—I'm… » 2/25/08 7:40pm 2/25/08 7:40pm