New Robotic Fabric Could Make Auto-Adjusting Jackets a Reality

Remember the futuristic automatic-drying jacket in Back to the Future 2? Purdue researchers are developing a robotic fabric that could become a big material for wearable technology and soft robot creators, which means you may be able to rock smart outerwear like Marty McFly someday. » 9/24/14 11:53am 9/24/14 11:53am

How to Make a Soft Robot

Robots are often imagined as hard, shiny things, gleaming futuristic machines. They often are hard, shiny things. But sometimes they're softer than a baby butt and more flexible than an Illinois governor's morals. Soft robotics is a growing field devoted to the squishier side of automated technology, and with the… » 9/23/14 2:30pm 9/23/14 2:30pm

Soft Robotics Offer the Automatons Yet Another Way to Take Over the…

Between this post about "soft robots," those nanotube muscles we talked about earlier this week, and the last scene of Battlestar Galactica, I have no doubt that our future is very robotic indeed. » 3/22/09 12:00pm 3/22/09 12:00pm