Adorably Wrap Your iPhone Charger Like a Needle and Thread

Until smartphone batteries last for weeks on end, carrying a backup charging cable wherever you go will be a necessary evil. But at least you don't have to deal with a perpetual tangle of wires if you import SoftBank's new Itomaki AC Adapters. They're shaped like a thread spool letting you wind your cable around so… » 5/07/13 3:20pm 5/07/13 3:20pm

Aquos Fulltouch: The Highest Resolution Cellphone of All Time

It's not available in the US, but Softbank customers will be able to snag the Aquos Fulltouch 931SH. It may look a lot like the iPhone, but this phone packs slide-out QWERTY along with a 3.8-inch touchscreen running at a crazy 1024x480 resolution. Not only is that as sharp as the HTC Touch HD » 10/30/08 1:45pm 10/30/08 1:45pm—it's super wide screen,…

EMobile's Japanese Ad Equates Obama with a Monkey to Sell Phones

In this Japanese EMobile ad, a monkey politician stands before a crowd chanting and holding up signs calling for change. Yes, that's right, a fucking monkey standing in for Obama is selling phones in Japan. I guess it's to be expected coming from a country that thinks blackface is hilarious, but seriously — this is… » 6/24/08 5:39pm 6/24/08 5:39pm

Question of the Day: Will the iPhone Win Over Japan?

It's official: the iPhone is heading to the land of the rising sun. But will it win the hearts of Japan? After all, Japan is pretty much the ultimate testing ground for phones. No one takes their cells more seriously than the Japanese. These are the people who not only text message with the best of them, but watch TV… » 6/04/08 4:40pm 6/04/08 4:40pm