Adorably Wrap Your iPhone Charger Like a Needle and Thread

Until smartphone batteries last for weeks on end, carrying a backup charging cable wherever you go will be a necessary evil. But at least you don't have to deal with a perpetual tangle of wires if you import SoftBank's new Itomaki AC Adapters. They're shaped like a thread spool letting you wind your cable around so… » 5/07/13 3:20pm 5/07/13 3:20pm

Aquos Fulltouch: The Highest Resolution Cellphone of All Time

It's not available in the US, but Softbank customers will be able to snag the Aquos Fulltouch 931SH. It may look a lot like the iPhone, but this phone packs slide-out QWERTY along with a 3.8-inch touchscreen running at a crazy 1024x480 resolution. Not only is that as sharp as the HTC Touch HD » 10/30/08 1:45pm 10/30/08 1:45pm—it's super wide screen,…

EMobile's Japanese Ad Equates Obama with a Monkey to Sell Phones

In this Japanese EMobile ad, a monkey politician stands before a crowd chanting and holding up signs calling for change. Yes, that's right, a fucking monkey standing in for Obama is selling phones in Japan. I guess it's to be expected coming from a country that thinks blackface is hilarious, but seriously — this is… » 6/24/08 5:39pm 6/24/08 5:39pm