The USPTO Is Asking Developers For Some Pointers on Fixing Software Patents

The world of software patents is a strange, confusing, inefficient place. There's a pretty serious question as to whether or not software patents should really even exist. Now, the USPTO is making moves to at least step in a better direction by calling out to software developers anywhere and everywhere for advice on… »1/05/13 12:00pm1/05/13 12:00pm


In Huge Shift, Court Ruling Effectively Denies Software-Only Patent Rights

Today, a Federal court of appeals ruling definitely caught the attention of tech companies world wide: in a 9-3 ruling, the court effectively made patenting anything not directly related to an actual machine or object—most purely software-only patents, for example—against the law. As you might imagine, this has… »10/31/08 5:45pm10/31/08 5:45pm