Apple Is Finally Fixing the iPhone's Lock Screen Flaw with iOS 6.1.3

After testing it in beta, Apple is finally releasing iOS 6.1.3 to iPhone users. The update finally fixes that gaping hole of a security flaw that let anyone bypass the iPhone's lock screen even if it had a passcode on it. » 3/19/13 12:27pm 3/19/13 12:27pm

Mango Is Coming to Windows Phone in a Week or Two

Mango, you sweet juicy OS update you. We can't wait to taste you. When are you going to come to Windows Phone? According to Microsoft, we can expect Mango to start rolling out "in the next week or two" » 9/21/11 2:55pm 9/21/11 2:55pm

iOS 4.3.1 Update Is Live, But Just Fixes Bugs

Apple's iOS 4.3.1 is available for download now, but if you're not experiencing any of the problems listed in the bugfix changelog, I'd suggest you wait. Reason: Jailbreakers haven't verified whether Apple has changed any of the underlying structure or not, meaning, a jailbreak for 4.3.1 might be much further away… » 3/25/11 1:28pm 3/25/11 1:28pm

iOS 4.3 Might Launch Next Week

Boy Genius claims iOS 4.3 is finished, and will be launched next week. Makes sense, allowing Steve Jobs to claim that the update will be released "now", with now being when he's on stage at the iPad announcement. [BGR] » 2/24/11 11:53am 2/24/11 11:53am

Next Windows Phone 7 Update Has IE Mobile 9 and HTML5

The next Windows Phone 7 update, code named Mango, will have IE Mobile 9, which contains HTML5 support. It'll be the first major update for WP7, but might not have Silverlight browser support after all. It's unclear if third-party multitasking and Twitter integration will make it. [ZDnet] » 2/11/11 11:43am 2/11/11 11:43am

Kindle Software Update Adds Real Page Numbers

The upcoming update for last year's Kindle will add real page numbers, plus public notes and newspaper/magazine layout tweaks. Real page numbers means you can actually share where you're at in a book (also good for class assignments). [Kindle] » 2/07/11 5:11pm 2/07/11 5:11pm

iOS 4.1 Released On September 8th

If you go over to Apple's UK site, you're sure of a big surprise: they're listing the iOS 4.1 software update as being released September 8th. The US site still says "coming soon." [Apple UK] » 9/04/10 3:35am 9/04/10 3:35am

HTC Droid Incredible To Get Android 2.2 Froyo By August

BGR is reporting that the Verizon HTC Droid Incredible is going to receive a software update to Android 2.2 Froyo by the end of July or early August. Originally, there was going to be a minor update that would've brought 720p video recording to the Incredible but it looks like that update will be rolled in with the… » 7/19/10 1:16pm 7/19/10 1:16pm

Mac OS X 10.6.4 Available Now, Brings Safari 5 And Bug Fixes

Mac OS X 10.6.4 is currently sitting pretty in your Software Update and brings Safari 5, if you haven't already jumped on the train, and what looks to be a ton of bug fixes with it. Our update weighs in at 640MB but we've seen some as low as 300MB. Guess we need the fixin'. » 6/15/10 5:23pm 6/15/10 5:23pm

Zune 4.5 Update Has Smart DJ, On-TV Zune Marketplace, More Codecs

As promised (and as a sign that Microsoft isn't forgetting about Zune HD to work on Windows Phone 7), the Zune 4.5 update brings more video codec support and Smart DJ music discovery to the player. » 3/29/10 6:00pm 3/29/10 6:00pm

Palm's webOS 1.4 Update Is Live With Video Recording and Flash

You know that webOS 1.4 update for Pre, Pixi, Pre Plus and Pixi Plus that we've been talking about since January? The one with video recording and Flash 10 beta and some other stuff? It's live. [Palm] » 2/27/10 2:40am 2/27/10 2:40am

Apple Finally Puts out sRAW Compatibility Update

The latest Digital Camera Raw Compatibility 3.0 update for OS X update finally adds Canon sRAW, which until now has been pretty difficult to manipulate on Macs (without third party programs). » 2/12/10 2:59pm 2/12/10 2:59pm

Google Nexus One Gets Multitouch, Google Goggles and 3G Fix via OTA…

Nexus One owners can stop being jealous that the iPhone got an update today because an over-the-air update for the Google device is being pushed out starting now. It finally brings multitouch along with some 3G fixes and Google Goggles. » 2/02/10 3:40pm 2/02/10 3:40pm

Reminder: Xbox 360 Twitter, and Zune Video Go Live Today

Today is the day, people! The day that your Xbox 360 will start showing you new dashboard panels so you can awkwardly Twitter from your console and listen to radio, that is! And a few more things. » 11/17/09 9:33am 11/17/09 9:33am

Xbox 360's Facebook, Twitter, Last.FM and Zune Video Come November 17

All those features we went over in our Xbox 360 update impressions post are finally rolling out to everyone on November 17. » 11/12/09 2:14pm 11/12/09 2:14pm

Palm Pre's WebOS 1.2 Goes Live

The 1.2 update just hit, and it's got a massive changelog to go with it. Among the more interesting changes are the new cellular download capability of Amazon MP3, and the ability to download a purchased app again for free. » 9/28/09 4:08pm 9/28/09 4:08pm

First Snow Leopard Update: 10.6.1 Is Here

We knew it was in the works, but now it's here—the 10.6.1 update, with newer Flash plug-in and tweaks for 3G modems, DVD playback, Dock, Mail and other areas. Have at it. [Apple] » 9/10/09 4:57pm 9/10/09 4:57pm

Palm Pre 1.0.4 Update Kills Homebrew, Patches Security Holes

The 1.0.4 update for the Palm Pre just got released, but along with patching some security holes, kills the homebrew ability that made everyone so excited. » 6/29/09 1:59pm 6/29/09 1:59pm