Why People Keep Trying to Erase the Hollywood Sign From Google Maps

The Hollywood Sign might be one of the most recognizable things on Earth. In Los Angeles, it’s also one of the most visible. You can see it from a plane as you glide into LAX. You can see it from a car as you drive up the 101 freeway. But a group of people who live near the sign are trying to hide it, even as it looms… »11/21/14 1:42pm11/21/14 1:42pm


New Sony Xperia Sola Offers “Floating Touch” For When Touching the Screen Is Too Much Effort

Sony's new phone line has been making waves – we quite liked the Xperia S. Now we've got another entry, the Xperia Sola aka the Pepper, touting something called "floating touch" for "magic web browsing without touching the screen", because dragging your finger on glass is just so last year. »3/13/12 6:16am3/13/12 6:16am