Solar Egg Charger Dangles From Your Belt Loop, Juices Your Gadgets

Not every gadget comes with an inbuilt solar charger, like the Puma Phone. XPAL's Solar Egg can do the job just fine, dangling from a keychain or belt-loop (if you dare) and charging to 90 per cent in four hours. » 2/16/10 10:40am 2/16/10 10:40am

Sanyo Eneloop Solar Charger Powers USB Gadgets

The Eneloop portable solar pack doesn't look quite as cool as that Energizer charger we've been waiting for, but it will supply 5 volts for 2 hours. » 8/05/09 12:00pm 8/05/09 12:00pm

Photosynthesis Solar Tree Concept Is the World's Best Looking Solar…

Great concept from designer Vivien Muller » 8/28/08 12:50pm 8/28/08 12:50pm for a modular, Lego-like little bonsai tree with 54 mini photovoltaic panels as leaves to soak up juice from the sun and charge your gadgets. Adapters get tucked away beneath a nice little tray, and your gadgets lay on top, basking in the shade. Vivien can you make this,…

Here Comes the Sun: Sunsei Solar Charger Keeps That Battery Alive Longer

Place this ICP Solar Sunsei SolarCharger SE-135 on your car's dashboard, and trickle charge your car's battery whenever the sun's out. It's supposed to increase your car battery's life, and is not intended to charge it up from scratch. Designed for any 12-volt battery, you can either lay it on your car's dashboard or… » 3/05/07 11:30am 3/05/07 11:30am