IBEX Launches Today on Man's Most Depressing Space Mission Ever

The IBEX launch » 10/19/08 5:00pm 10/19/08 5:00pm, which we previewed here at Gizmodo last Monday, went off without a hitch today. The ottoman-sized probe was strapped to a rocket that was strapped to the belly of an airplane, which carried it to 40,000 feet. From there, the rocket fired up and took IBEX to an orbit about 200,000 miles up. Fun! But it…

Spiderweb Solar-Wind Sail Proves Jor-El Was Right

Laugh all you want at the sea-urchiny ship Jor-El used to send Kal-El to earth, but it looks a lot like the new kind of solar-sail array developed by the Finnish Meteorological Institute in Helsinki. Instead of the standard solar panels, the Finnish scientists propose long thin strands, just microns in diameter, that… » 4/25/08 10:15am 4/25/08 10:15am